sexta-feira, 26 de junho de 2009

how to tame a flying whale

Flying whales are rare and not unlike most ordinary whales.
Flying whales are winged, however, contrary to expectation, are not known to fly.
Therefore, flying whales are not found outside of the ocean.
But the possibility is admitted.
Diving equipment will be needed.

first choose a destination: the atlantic, the pacific, or the indian ocean.
when the whales come, look for the one with wings - there is never more than one with wings
swim along its left side for a period of time
touch it gently with one of your hands (it doesn't matter wich one)
now run that hand against it and swim towards its eye
look into it for five seconds and stay very still
don't close your eyes
think of elena. elena.
wait for a blink

now you may mark your whale as you see fit.

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